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  • Sleep Nursing Bra Malaysia
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The Dairy Fairy

Coco Sleep Nursing Bra In Black

MYR189.00 MYR209.00


Coco – Live the dream

Inspired by Coco Chanel, this sleep nursing bra is anything BUT basic. Amazing comfort, support and buttery fabrication with lace detail that will make you feel and look like a Chanel muse.


  • Nursing at night
  • Simple pull aside nursing panel so baby can have quick and easy access to the breast         
  • Medium Support
  • 3" of adjustability in soft/padded back hook and eye closure
  • 1" fabric covered elastic band for comfort
  • Feminine design
  • Soft and stretchy enough to grow and shrink with you throughout the night
  • Sensual design, quality materials and comfortable fit
  • Beautifully constructed with machine washable Polymide Spandex
  • Designer brand from U.S
  • Handwash and dry only


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  32A / 32B / 32C / 34A 
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  32E / 34D / 34E / 36C / 36D / 38B / 38C / 40A / 40B 
  We recommend L if you are a size:
36E / 36F / 38D / 38E / 40C / 40D / 40E / 42B / 42C 
  We recommend XL if you are a size:
38F / 38G / 40F / 40G / 42D / 42E / 42F / 42G 
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